Wellness Dashboard for Patient-Trainer Communication

Using data to help physicians and patients have more personalized conversations


Backend Dev

About This Project

​We developed interfaces to flexibly display data gathered from wearable sensors, and help participants to understand their daily physical condition and activities. We also investigated how the interface enhances communication in the context of a meeting between patient and health care professional.

  • Extensive design discussions
  • Piping real-world sensor data to application
  • Creation of data-driven interactive visualizations


Mareike Kritzler


Developed numerous concept mockups for display activity and location data

  • Learned first hand how discussion about UI is better with visual artifacts to critique and riff on
  • Zoned in on more clearly define requirements
  • Decided maps were too complex for the physician use-case
health dashboard mockup
posture score mockup
digital sketch of activity vs. goal

Backend Dev

Created a simple portal to sync data from devices to research database.

  • Automatic data syncing to 3 distinct wearable devices
  • Anonymized participant information in database
data collection screen
basis watch


Used D3.js, Google Maps and Crossfilter to display data over time, with features to zoom and filter on specifics

  • Patient users thought this was really cool
  • Health professionals felt data-overload and wanted a simpler interface
  • These and other insights helped inform future iterations of the project
chinese context overview