Product Design at Ten-X

UX/UI design and user research for real estate applications


Contextual Inquiry
Research Analysis
Style & Branding
Front-end development

About This Project

‚ÄčTen-X provides revolutionary products for buyers and sellers of real-estate. As a product designer on the commercial team, I contributed design and development work to a broad range of areas that had direct positive impact on the user experiences of products we released.

  • Conducted in-depth UX research for business process optimization apps
  • Created UI mockups and worked with engineering to implement
  • Defined usage patterns for UI components
  • Modernized a email template development workflow




product managers

business analysts

real-estate operations

Contextual Inquiry

For a project aimed at reinventing a long-time offline process, I interviewed and observed business partners from operations teams to understand their current responsibilities and pain points. I often conducted these interviews on-site at the "auction war room", or at their workstations.

  • Gained eye-opening insights into the operational side of the business
  • Collected enough data to begin drafting user personas
  • Everything is locked in spreadsheets!
Existing process spreadsheets
Simple persona about a transaction manager


Held sessions with business to engage them in design-thinking exercises.

  • Aligned group and myself on project motivations
  • Peeled back the onion regarding operational processes
  • Laid a framework for visualizing operational milestones
Image of whiteboard filled with project motivations
User-populated venn diagram of responsibilities by user role
Mapping out major milestones across the deal flow

Research Analysis

Combed through research findings (notes, explanatory decks, recordings). Through an extensive affinity mapping exercise, I began to visualize where bottlenecks and pain points exist in user journey.

  • Created detailed personas for four target users
  • Developed a strong structure of information from findings (charts)
  • Drafted foundation for a user journey
Persona outlines of core users
Chart outlining data movement between business teams
Chart with extensive details about internal operations process


Rapid and inexpensive attempts at translating user needs and business requirements into a functional product. Numerous iterations based on feedback from many distinct groups: users, engineering, PM, pair-design critique.

  • Early materialization of "how it works"
  • Increased clarity and shared understanding of what we aim to build

Style & Branding

I applied visual treatments to wireframes resulting in high-fidelity UI mockups for engineering to build from. This is when the design began to "feel" like Ten-X

  • Annotated components of designs for engineering audience
  • Facilitated communication of deliverable and gathered technical feedback
Sketch Workspace
High-fidelity UI mockups
High-fidelity UI mockups

Front-end development

Took on HTML/CSS coding tasks when release timelines were tight. Images below are screenshots taken from the finished product.

  • Created a more responsive page by utilizing grid structure
  • Made the UI shine
Screenshot of code editor
Screenshot of finished app
Screenshot of finished app


I do this work because I find a lot of enjoyment in the process of learning and problem-solving. When I moved to Denver for family reasons, Ten-X made a disappointing organizational decision to transition me out of employment with the company. During the transition, I worked even harder than before, to make the most of my time on an exciting project.

  • Began translating analyses of research findings into product solutions
  • Delevired extensive design report to technology organization